Were You There?

For almost thirty years, the Pasadena Business Association has been a catalyst and supporter of so many community activities it was decided to make this a “back-fence” blog where everyone can exchange memories and reminders of things to come.

I’ve been a member for over twenty years, served as an officer and on the Board and been on many committees. Somewhere you may have been a part of the Pasadena Business Association: A member, a scholarship recipient, a Child’s Christmas volunteer, a PBA Tournament golfer, a guest speaker or a crab feast attendee.

If you were one of the thousands of people attending the annual PBA crab feast at Kurtz’s Beach, you know it has rained many times through the years – once it was such a downpour, the record crowd got soaked but we all stayed – too much good food and too many good friends to miss one minute of the fun. Did you win one of the TV’s or too many plants and stuffed animals? Have a great memory of one of those evenings?

Tell us your story or give us your comments – be an author on the PBA blog.

After a scorching summer, we are all relishing this beautiful cool weather. September and October are energetic months: getting out the sweaters, sprucing up the house, thinking of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – No, No, No – don’t go there yet!

But you will be shopping for goods and services and the PBA’s Shop Local Campaign has a special weekend – October 12-13-14 – when the deals and discounts will be in high gear with cash prizes, gift certificates along with terrific discounts from our members.

You can learn more about local businesses at the PBA Trade Show, 4pm – 8 pm, Thursday October 11. Chat with the owners and managers, try free samples, and discuss your particular need – all free including refreshments at Earleigh Heights fire hall.

Check in with the Pasadena Business Association via this blog, Facebook and especially the PBA website: pasadenabusinessassociation.com

One thought on “Were You There?

  1. I want to thank Susan, Maureen and webmaster Rob for publishing this blog. It is important to know the history of the PBA and to read insights about it. Please make sure you “chime in” with any comments. We are trying to bring the PBA into view as much as possible on the Internet and this is one of a number of ways the Website and Technology committee sees as beneficial to PBA members. Enjoy!

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