A Parade is Coming!

Finally, after a scorcher of a summer, Fall is definitely here. Fields are full of children playing soccer and football, mums and pumpkins assemble everywhere, and Thanksgiving sits closely on the time line. PBA businesses and community groups are preparing for the big Thanksgiving Caring and Sharing Parade on Sunday, November 4, 2:00 pm step-off, when dozens of floats and vehicles wind their way from Tick Neck Park on Edwin Raynor Boulevard, turning right on Mountain Road, then right on East Shore Road, left on 218th Street and left onto Outing Avenue, ending at George Fox Middle School.

It’s an exciting time for the children lining the streets sitting in front of adults who claim their viewing spots early in the day. The many vehicles, fire trucks, antique cars and sports cars are mirror-shiny, and the floats filled with friends and neighbors represent many hours of work to spread the message of the business or organization.

But the real purpose of the Parade is helping those in need in Pasadena: Each year literally tons of food is distributed to local food pantries. Amazingly generous Pasadena residents bring food to the collection bins of PBA businesses, or bring bags of groceries to the Parade, or buy the discount certificates offered at Lauer’s Supermarket and Bakery.

In 1996, Tom Redmond, a past PBA president, organized the Parade and it has become an exciting time for everyone. Come out and enjoy the fun and, if you can, contribute to the pantries which all distribute only to Pasadena residents needing a helping hand during the holidays and all-year round.

Susan Rouse tells in her blog how she became involved in this remarkable event – you may find as much joy as she does if you follow her lead. If you collect food for the Parade at your company or organization, let us know and we’ll publish your story here.

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