Christmas Traditions Anyone?

This year will be my sixth year at “Midnight Madness” in St. Michael’s. If you or someone you know is a Scrooge, this will get them out of their Ho, Ho, Ho mood. All of the shops offer discounts; many offer baked goods, hot chocolate, hot mulled wine and cider, or beer and wine. Who can be unhappy with those offerings? Santa goes around town singing Christmas carols with everyone. Then, at midnight, they raffle off (8) prizes, which consist of huge gift baskets containing items from various shops as well as $1500.00 gift certificates. It’s a win-win weekend? We stay on Tilghman with friends, but there are several B & B’s as well as marinas where you can stay overnight.

I have movies that are a must see; Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, Little Shop Around the Corner and Polar Express, to name a few.

I rebelled last year and didn’t put up the tree for the first time in over thirty years. You see, my daughter, Meg, moved to North Carolina. I thought, if my grandsons, Hunter and Logan, wouldn’t be here to enjoy the tree, why be bothered. Well, I realized the importance that putting up my TREE was to ME and how it makes me feel. I listen to Christmas music, wear my Santa cap and get sentimental taking each ornament out of its tissue paper. I carefully place each decoration, stepping back to survey the tree as it takes shape, and smile at the memories before my eyes.

I miss loved ones who are no longer here to share this season with me, but am ever grateful for my family and friends. Merry Christmas Paul and Katie; you’re always here in spirit.

So, in honoring another tradition, why not join us at the PBA Christmas tree lighting ceremony on December 4th at 7:00pm? This is the third year for the lighting and we hope to see you at Lake Shore Plaza, next to Arundel Federal Savings Bank for the fun and festivities. Please consider the donation of a gift or cash which will be used to support “A Child’s Christmas.”

Merry Christmas to all of the PBA members and their families and thank you so much, Sandi and Lisa!

One thought on “Christmas Traditions Anyone?

  1. Your blog got me thinking about the last 2 weeks for me. My company assigned me to the Catonsville/Woodlawn area for a special project. Usually I work from my home office which gives me some latitude to do things at lunch time, coffee break, etc., around the house. Sooooooooo, I found myself scrunching into my free evening minutes Christmas decorating, while tending to my dog and cat. Now, usually my wife helps with this and did some holiday decorating, but she has been away in Bolivia and Peru for the last 1-1/2 weeks. What a time to go away! Happily, I finished all my decorating over the weekend and wrapped most of my presents. Hallelujah!

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