Consider This a New Beginning

I don’t make resolutions, but gently remind myself to remain compassionate with people, be a good listener and keep family close to my heart. I think it’s important to volunteer and teach our children to do the same. These are the things I contemplate at the beginning of each New Year.

Now, consider the Pasadena Business Association; what I’m reminded of is exactly what this association and its members do day in and day out, year after year. Their community involvement is unwavering; the PBA has fundraising drives during the year to benefit various organizations; they sponsor charitable events and scholarship programs for education. The PBA collects food (tons and tons of food) for those in need, school supplies for the less fortunate, and work with the county legislation to help bring improvements to our community. Actually, some of the members are government officials.

The Pasadena Business Association will advertise your company in the directory as well as on the website and you could attend workshops designed to help grow and promote your business. There are monthly membership meetings with a variety of speakers and an occasional happy hour. As a member of the PBA, you connect to your community and share the pride we all feel in Pasadena and our surrounding neighborhoods.

Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions is a personal choice. I wanted to offer a small insight into a wonderful business association that you may want to consider joining this year. If we work together, we will continue to promote a healthy and flourishing community.

May you enjoy a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

If you are interested in the origins of New Year’s resolutions, please see the following link:

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