Let’s Support One Another in Business!

Are you aware that there are 100 + categories listed under the PBA directory? http://www.pasadenabusinessassociation.com/directory/category-listings.php

Is there something in particular that you would prefer to share with PBA members and the local community to help us learn more about your business? Would you like to write something highlighting essential information about your profession that other PBA members and the public would find helpful or encouraging? Maybe something that hasn’t been published on the PBA website or mentioned at a meeting?

This is your opportunity. We would like to promote your business and why not start by saying it in your own words.

As PBA members, one common bond we share is connecting too and working within our community. Why not share our expertise and knowledge about our specific occupations?

I would like to encourage you to take a few moments, think about the influence your work has had on you, your employees and or family, and let us know something we didn’t before.

We look forward to reading your words and hope that we can share them in an upcoming blog. Please submit your information to me for preview, susan@virtualeyours.biz. You may surprise yourself once you put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper and write something to share about your business and best practices.

Make it a great day!

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