From Weddings to Funeral’s and Everything in Between

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland; more precisely, Brooklyn, with a birds-eye view of St. Rose of Lima Church and school on 4th Street. I was baptized at St. Rose, received confirmation, and finally graduated from eighth grade there. Back then, there wasn’t middle school; you went from 1st through 8th grades and then into high school.

Gonce’s funeral home was just down the street and many Saturday mornings we would see the limousine from Gonce’s ride by, heading down to St. Rose for another wedding. My father always said, “there goes another idiot, putting one foot in the grave.” My father exemplified characters right out of Mad Men on AMC.

The Pasadena Business Association has members that offer services who can assist you in getting engaged; Sanders Diamond Jewelers, to wedding photography by Katrina Krauss, Susan Ann and J. Hurst Photography. And, if things don’t work out, well, I’d like to say we have lawyers you can talk too; anyone out there know a lawyer that may want to become a PBA member? We do have someone that can create your Will though.

In case you plan on purchasing a home, we have (5) Mortgage Lenders. I’m sure you can negotiate a great rate with one of them.

The Pasadena Business Association has so many options and offers a variety in services; it would be ashamed to overlook the obvious choice. Shop local weekend was just here; why not browse locally year round by visiting the PBA site.

Maybe in the next blog, we’ll discuss caregiving. “I don’t take that striped pill anymore; you can throw that one away.” “Do you know what it was for?” “No, but I take (15) other RX’s, so I dont’ think I need that one.”

I’ll look forward to hearing stories from other sandwich generation folks. Laughing through the insanity.



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