I Just Wanted A Better Wireless Internet

I would like to thank John Clark for the submission of this month’s blog. You will read about the “disparity” John felt regading technology and its capabilities.

First, the setting. He first became interested in computers in 1983-1984. The Apple II. The Apple IIe. The Apple IIc. Blazing 56KB modems. A 1 MEGABYTE hard drive. “Unbelievable!” Of course you can tell that he’s being facetious about these amazing computer technology marvels, but they were the “bomb” at the time. Then, came the Apple Macintosh. Imagine….”point and click” to open an application. Printing what you see on the screen. “WOW!” Eventually, the IBM PC world started catching on with Microsoft Windows, but it wasn’t even close to the ease of use. So, back then, IBM ruled the business world with software by Peachtree for accounting and Word Perfect. Integrated software (like MS Office) was only available with Apple Works at the time. Anyone reading this blog can name so many other software packages for business IBM offered. Then there were the IBM COMPATIBLE computers. More power. Less money! Competition breeds innovation!

Spring forward a few years….The 1 gigabyte hard drive! “Your kidding me!” And that was ONLY available to the government (at the time). What about the modem? 14,400 KB transmission speeds! Again “UNBELIEVABLE!” What about the laptop computer? Imagine sitting with a fully functional computer on your lap and use it on a plane, in a hotel room, or in your living room. BUT…..no Internet connectivity yet. That was coming in the next few years.

So, now here we are in 2013. Whatawegot? Smart phones with 32 GB storage and Internet. Star Trek type tablets, that communicate through a WAN or a LAN. Flash drives that hold 128GB. And this man’s problem. He wants to BOOST his WIFI signal to the end of his house. His office on one end. The wireless router on the other. How do you do this? My answer turned out to be very simple. Go back to a wired-connection. The WIFI connection wasn’t that much slower, but just enough to be annoying. As for the WIFI booster. Just not needed. Transmission speeds were as good as there were gonna be. Forget watching YouTube when receiving the signal wireless. SO ANNOYING! So, technology marches on. What about you? Please make your comments. “10-4 Good Buddy” “Beam me up Scotty” Text me and we’ll do lunch ;-)    You know what I mean!

John Clark, Website & Technology Chair          



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