Important Coverage You Need To Know About Your Auto Insurance Policy

I’d like to thank Jerry Nicklow of Huff Insurance for this months blog contribution.

We all know that auto insurance is required on all vehicles on Maryland roads. Car insurance is pretty much the same across the board. The only real difference is the person who sold you the policy and how they explained it. For a majority of people, price is the single biggest reason where they purchase their auto insurance, either through an Maryland Independent Insurance Agent, which is what we recommend, or through companies you see on TV.  Sometimes, these companies, and other insurance agents, fail to explain or even offer the important optional coverage’s in a vain attempt to give you the cheapest price possible. Are they doing you any favors? I don’t think they are.  Believe me, I know price is very important when it comes to insurance. However, it’s also my job to make you aware of all your insurance coverage options and explain how they can help protect you and your family. Ultimately, it’s your choice so you might as well be informed when making these decisions. One of the most important coverage’s you should consider is Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Here are the quick definitions:

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM)- This covers bodily injury and other compensatory damages for you or your passengers if you are hit by an at-fault driver who doesn’t have any insurance to pay the amount you are legally entitled to recover.
  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)- Provides coverage for bodily injury and other compensatory damages for you or your passengers if you hit by an at-fault driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to pay the full amount you are legally entitled to recover.

According to the Insurance Research Council, if someone is injured in a car accident in the United States, the chances are one in seven(over 14% !) that the accident was caused by an uninsured driver. Now just think about how many cars you share the road with everyday.  I know that 50,000 cars pass our office on Ritchie Highway every day.  Using the averages, that means that 7,000 of those cars do not have insurance!  That is real scary.
Then, when you think about the amount of people driving that are underinsured and carry just the minimum liability limits required by Maryland ($30,000  bodily injury per person, $60,000 bodily injury per accident and $15,000 property damage) makes everyday driving even scarier.
Let me give you an example of how this insurance coverage works. There are time bombs out there and I don’t want you to be caught with your guard down. Imagine that you are driving your family across town (not too uncommon right?), and another driver runs a red light and broadsides you. There are significant injuries, loss of wages, rehabilitation costs, total damage to your new car, etc. You then come to find out that the person who hit you doesn’t even have car insurance!

What happens is that you have to rely on the uninsured motorist coverage of your own car insurance policy to bail you out of the financial ruin because of someone else’s negligence. But, if you have enough UM/UIM coverage, you can make your claim with your own insurance company for EVERYTHING (except punitive damages) the bad driver owes you including: special damages (example- loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, diminished earning capacity, & cost to travel for medical treatment), and general damages (pain & suffering, living forever with paralysis, loss of enjoyment, loss of a standard of living, etc.) It’s important to note that NONE OF THIS IS COVERED BY HAVING GREAT HEALTH INSURANCE!!! This situation is all too real and happens every day of the week. I can not stress enough the importance of this coverage. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be added to your policy immediately. After all, this will be coverage to protect you and your family.  Some companies are now allowing you to add UM/UIM coverage onto your umbrella insurance policy as well, adding an additional layer of protection for your and your family.

Please give us a call to review this important coverage.

That’s why we’re here.

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I Just Wanted A Better Wireless Internet

I would like to thank John Clark for the submission of this month’s blog. You will read about the “disparity” John felt regading technology and its capabilities.

First, the setting. He first became interested in computers in 1983-1984. The Apple II. The Apple IIe. The Apple IIc. Blazing 56KB modems. A 1 MEGABYTE hard drive. “Unbelievable!” Of course you can tell that he’s being facetious about these amazing computer technology marvels, but they were the “bomb” at the time. Then, came the Apple Macintosh. Imagine….”point and click” to open an application. Printing what you see on the screen. “WOW!” Eventually, the IBM PC world started catching on with Microsoft Windows, but it wasn’t even close to the ease of use. So, back then, IBM ruled the business world with software by Peachtree for accounting and Word Perfect. Integrated software (like MS Office) was only available with Apple Works at the time. Anyone reading this blog can name so many other software packages for business IBM offered. Then there were the IBM COMPATIBLE computers. More power. Less money! Competition breeds innovation!

Spring forward a few years….The 1 gigabyte hard drive! “Your kidding me!” And that was ONLY available to the government (at the time). What about the modem? 14,400 KB transmission speeds! Again “UNBELIEVABLE!” What about the laptop computer? Imagine sitting with a fully functional computer on your lap and use it on a plane, in a hotel room, or in your living room. BUT… Internet connectivity yet. That was coming in the next few years.

So, now here we are in 2013. Whatawegot? Smart phones with 32 GB storage and Internet. Star Trek type tablets, that communicate through a WAN or a LAN. Flash drives that hold 128GB. And this man’s problem. He wants to BOOST his WIFI signal to the end of his house. His office on one end. The wireless router on the other. How do you do this? My answer turned out to be very simple. Go back to a wired-connection. The WIFI connection wasn’t that much slower, but just enough to be annoying. As for the WIFI booster. Just not needed. Transmission speeds were as good as there were gonna be. Forget watching YouTube when receiving the signal wireless. SO ANNOYING! So, technology marches on. What about you? Please make your comments. “10-4 Good Buddy” “Beam me up Scotty” Text me and we’ll do lunch ;-)    You know what I mean!

John Clark, Website & Technology Chair          



From Weddings to Funeral’s and Everything in Between

I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland; more precisely, Brooklyn, with a birds-eye view of St. Rose of Lima Church and school on 4th Street. I was baptized at St. Rose, received confirmation, and finally graduated from eighth grade there. Back then, there wasn’t middle school; you went from 1st through 8th grades and then into high school.

Gonce’s funeral home was just down the street and many Saturday mornings we would see the limousine from Gonce’s ride by, heading down to St. Rose for another wedding. My father always said, “there goes another idiot, putting one foot in the grave.” My father exemplified characters right out of Mad Men on AMC.

The Pasadena Business Association has members that offer services who can assist you in getting engaged; Sanders Diamond Jewelers, to wedding photography by Katrina Krauss, Susan Ann and J. Hurst Photography. And, if things don’t work out, well, I’d like to say we have lawyers you can talk too; anyone out there know a lawyer that may want to become a PBA member? We do have someone that can create your Will though.

In case you plan on purchasing a home, we have (5) Mortgage Lenders. I’m sure you can negotiate a great rate with one of them.

The Pasadena Business Association has so many options and offers a variety in services; it would be ashamed to overlook the obvious choice. Shop local weekend was just here; why not browse locally year round by visiting the PBA site.

Maybe in the next blog, we’ll discuss caregiving. “I don’t take that striped pill anymore; you can throw that one away.” “Do you know what it was for?” “No, but I take (15) other RX’s, so I dont’ think I need that one.”

I’ll look forward to hearing stories from other sandwich generation folks. Laughing through the insanity.



Consider This a New Beginning

I don’t make resolutions, but gently remind myself to remain compassionate with people, be a good listener and keep family close to my heart. I think it’s important to volunteer and teach our children to do the same. These are the things I contemplate at the beginning of each New Year.

Now, consider the Pasadena Business Association; what I’m reminded of is exactly what this association and its members do day in and day out, year after year. Their community involvement is unwavering; the PBA has fundraising drives during the year to benefit various organizations; they sponsor charitable events and scholarship programs for education. The PBA collects food (tons and tons of food) for those in need, school supplies for the less fortunate, and work with the county legislation to help bring improvements to our community. Actually, some of the members are government officials.

The Pasadena Business Association will advertise your company in the directory as well as on the website and you could attend workshops designed to help grow and promote your business. There are monthly membership meetings with a variety of speakers and an occasional happy hour. As a member of the PBA, you connect to your community and share the pride we all feel in Pasadena and our surrounding neighborhoods.

Whether or not you make New Year’s resolutions is a personal choice. I wanted to offer a small insight into a wonderful business association that you may want to consider joining this year. If we work together, we will continue to promote a healthy and flourishing community.

May you enjoy a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

If you are interested in the origins of New Year’s resolutions, please see the following link:

Were You There?

For almost thirty years, the Pasadena Business Association has been a catalyst and supporter of so many community activities it was decided to make this a “back-fence” blog where everyone can exchange memories and reminders of things to come.

I’ve been a member for over twenty years, served as an officer and on the Board and been on many committees. Somewhere you may have been a part of the Pasadena Business Association: A member, a scholarship recipient, a Child’s Christmas volunteer, a PBA Tournament golfer, a guest speaker or a crab feast attendee.

If you were one of the thousands of people attending the annual PBA crab feast at Kurtz’s Beach, you know it has rained many times through the years – once it was such a downpour, the record crowd got soaked but we all stayed – too much good food and too many good friends to miss one minute of the fun. Did you win one of the TV’s or too many plants and stuffed animals? Have a great memory of one of those evenings?

Tell us your story or give us your comments – be an author on the PBA blog.

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